Iggy Winston

Introducing Arizona Neuropsychology’s Centers office and soon to be Service Dog, Iggy. Iggy continues to work through Service Dog Training and is working very hard. We are excited about the possibility of his becoming a fully certified/credentialed Service Dog very soon. We will post updates as he works through his program and graduates. Iggy has been working through a program facilitated by a wonderful local organization Arizona Goldens, LLC. Information about their organization may be found at:

At ANC, we recognize that the unconditional love of animals provides patients and their family with a wonderfully positive and ideally relaxed experience during their time at ANC. You will find that Iggy has a warm, gentle, loving and playful personality.

Service Dog Information

There are varying levels of training and credentialing with support animals with the hierarchy being as follows: therapy animals, emotional support animals and service animals. Service Animals undergo the most extensive training of the three prior support animals that includes temperament analysis and behavioral training. Service Dog training takes between 1200-2000 hours depending on the age, breed, and temperament of the dog being trained. To obtain Service Dog credentialing handlers must complete a rigorous academic program culminating with a written examination. Additionally, the animal must pass a practical examination as well. Service Animals are trained to work with a single individual and trained to perform specific “tasks”. In Iggy’s case he is training to identify when his handler is experiencing anxiety and to provide comfort to his handler. Iggy is trained to signal others in the event of an emergency and retrieve items for the handler and others. Service Dogs are permitted access to nearly all public facilities with some specific exceptions. Once Iggy has become certified as a Service Dog, Dr. Mather and Iggy will continue to train and do so throughout Iggy’s working life. Iggy will use his Service Dog training to work with our patients at ANC. Iggy may work to reduce anxiety in those that experience significant anxiety after transitioning or while at Dr.’s offices. However, if you or your child may be nervous about meeting Iggy or prone to overstimulation please let us know ahead of time and we will make sure he is working towards calming when you arrive. We are confident you will enjoy interacting with Iggy while at ANC and we are certain he will make your experience with ANC even more positive. If you have questions about Service Animals or are interested in how to train your own dog, you may find this information at: