Iggy is the youngest member of our practice. Iggy is an Australian Labrodoodle, he is 100% hypoallergenic and he does not shed. Iggy began working with ANLC at 9 weeks of age and remains in training to become a Certified Service Dog. Iggy loves all children and all adults. Iggy is always happy to see everyone. We hope that Iggy makes your visit a little more fun. Iggy is still in training so please understand that he is eager to show his love and affection to everyone and is working on a variety of tasks/behaviors that will promote his becoming a service dog. If you have a child that is afraid of dogs please let them know that Iggy is trained to love all children and let them know Iggy will be in the office at the time of the visit. If special accommodations are needed in relation to Iggy please let the practice know
ahead of time.