Dr. John Mather PHD

Dr. Mather is a Board-Certified and Licensed Psychologist with
the state of Arizona. Dr. Mather has practiced as a school and then neuropsychologist for the last 18 years. Dr. Mather is a nationally recognized expert in the field of learning differences (dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia). In addition to learning differences,
Dr. Mather possesses advanced expertise in the areas of: AD/HD (executive functioning-cognitive control disorders), tic disorders,
Autism Spectrum Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder,
Traumatic Brain Injury, anxiety and mood disorders.

Dr. Mather has devoted his career to understanding the biological bases of behavior or the relationship between an individual’s neurological functioning and their behavior (behavior is a broad term for neurological responses including movements, thoughts, emotions, memory, learning, sensory processing, etc.).

Dr. Mather works from the scientifically established paradigm that ALL behavior has a neurological source and therefore one must begin all diagnostic and treatment processes with first understanding the neurological strengths and inconsistencies of the patient. Traditional psychological paradigms use a method data analysis and behavioral observation to determine diagnoses and develop interventions. Traditional psychological methods of psychological evaluation, diagnosis and treatment planning result in an unacceptably high rate of misdiagnoses which then result in inappropriate or minimally ineffective treatments. Dr. Mather had the opportunity to share his knowledge of neuropsychological testing and the most meaningful testing paradigms through the co-authoring of, Large Scale Neural Networks and Neuropsychological Testing: An Attempt to Move Forward (Koziol, et.al.). In addition to his knowledge of the brain-behavior relationship Dr. Mather possesses considerable knowledge of special education laws, procedures, protocols and eligibility criteria. Dr. Mather is in the unique position of being able to directly link neuropsychological findings with a patient’s educational needs and can help parents and educational professionals develop effective school-based interventions.

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