New Patient Information & Forms

We welcome all new patients

What do I tell my child before coming in?

Not surprisingly patients may feel a little nervous coming into the ‘doctors’ office. We take great care to make ALL our patients very comfortable throughout the testing process. Prior to the evaluation tell your child he/she will be, “playing a variety of thinking games that include: building, drawing, and looking at puzzles. Dr. Mather will have you do a little reading, writing
and math. Some of the games are super fun, some may be a little boring though NONE of them are bad.”

Patients are allowed/encouraged to bring in and eat snacks throughout testing, take breaks, use the restroom, etc. throughout
the evaluation. The testing session should be fun. The two most important things for your child to remember during testing
are, “do your best and have fun.”

“do your best and have fun.” 

Fee Schedule:

Neuropsychological Evaluation           $2200.00

Psycho-Educational Evaluation           $2000.00

Independent Educational
Evaluation (IEE) $2800.00

 ANLC requires a $100 non-refundable deposit at the time of scheduling. This is applied toward the evaluation at
the time when the balance is paid. You may alter the date of the evaluation without penalty. Half of the balance is
due on the date of the evaluation and the balance is due prior to the Feedback Session. 

*We do not accept any insurance though we provide all patients with an
invoice that may be submitted to insurance companies for possible 'out
of network' reimbursement.